Discount Janitor Depot is a Houston based company with partners who personally serve their customers. Exceptional service - loyal customers.

What We Do

We proudly serve automobile dealerships, mechanics, auto body shops, auto detailing, machine shops, maintenance departments, printing/silk screening shops, schools, churches, daycare facilities, medical facilities, restaurants, bars, hospitality industry, hotels, sports and training facilities, local and federal government agencies.

Paper Products & Dispensers
Chemical & Janitorial Products
Can Liners
Floor Care Products/Equipment
Hand Soap/Cleaners/degreasers
Odor Control
Waste Receptacles
Mops, Brooms and Brushes
Janitorial Cleaning Equipment
Food Services Supplies
Industrial Supplies
Skin Care & Personal Hygiene Products
Facility Maintenance & Safety
Floor & Carpet Care

Monthly Specials

Up to $100 discount for a referral!  
We appreciate our customer referrals and you may qualify for a special discount.  Call today to ask Scott about our referral incentive program.  

Same time and money with our Free Local Delivery. 


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Discount Janitor Depot - Houston, Texas 

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